MaiHealth, Bringing The Heart Back Into Healthcare Across Aotearoa.

Bringing change to your health experience.

At MaiHealth, we believe in treating all people with care, compassion, and respect.

We strive to provide a people-centric service that is different to what is currently provided.

We are back into the healthcare system for our people to reinvigorate the passion we know they have for their health and we want to treat our customers not as another number, instead we aim to build deep lasting relationships that last a lifetime. Our goal is to provide access to a better healthcare system to all New Zealanders, focusing on the communities that need it most.

Our Values


We care about the people we work with and the time we give them. We are present and compassionate with our customers as well as our colleagues.

Our Values


True partnerships require us to work together collaboratively, to listen communicate effectively to ensure we are always working towards a solution.

Our Values


We are respectful of everyone’s differences, we are open minded and hold no judgement. We focus on enhancing mana.

Model of Care

Our model of care supplements and enhances the core primary services that exist but are frequently overwhelmed, inaccessible, and/or under-delivering to certain population groups.  

Central to our model of care are Health Navigators who take over the burden of accessing and navigating health care systems for individuals and their whanau. Our Health Navigators aim to support an individual or their whanau to ensure their health and wellbeing needs are met in line with their expectations and values.   

Māori, Pasifika, those with disabilities as well as other marginalized cultural people are often subjected to poor healthcare. This demographic is near to our heart and is a key motivator for us as a team. Our goal is to bring high quality and effective health care at the lowest possible cost to these marginalized groups. We want those that access our service and those that work in it feel a strong sense of respect that is given and received. 

Meet Our Team

Services & Fees

Our goal is to bring high quality and effective health care at the lowest possible cost.

Our clinic operates from
9am-5pm Monday – Friday. This will be a mixture of virtual and kanohi ki te kanohi (face to face).

This service is only available to enrolled patients at this stage, we do not provide health services for walk-ins/casual customers. 

MaiHealth fees for enrolled patients

If you choose to be enrolled with our service, you can access the fees below: 

Please note we are not taking new enrolments at this stage.

Child (under 14)
Adult (14-17yrs)
Adult (18 + )

Our Location

MaiHealth aims to establish clinics across Aotearoa, starting with our whānau in the Franklin area.

15B Wesley Street, Pukekohe 2120.

MaiHealth recognises some of the barriers to access health care and wants to make contact with our service as seamless as possible.

Feel free to get in touch with us in a way that suits you.

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